How do I make my petition go viral?

Share your petition on social networks

If you have already published your petition in the best thing you can do to start gaining signatures is to share it with your friends, family and acquaintances in social networks or via email. Another option is to copy the URL of your campaign and paste it into your Facebook wall with a strong message.

You can also write to influential public figures on Twitter or other social networks asking them to help you spread your petition. Another option is for you to join Facebook groups on the subject you treat and post there a link to your petition, or you can also leave a link to it in the comments section of different online newspapers that publish news about the subject of your petition.

Update your petition:

If your petition has been mentioned by any newspaper or if there have been updates on the problem that you intend to solve, you can communicate it to those who have already signed your petition, by sending them an update. This way you will get those users to keep the interest in your cause. Of course, avoid sending updates on irrelevant information.

There are different types of updates that you can send to keep your supporters active:

  • News in which your petition is mentioned in the mass media.
  • Summon your supporters to a demonstration or meeting in which they will discuss the subject in question.
  • Links to campaigns where you are raising funds to move forward with your goal.

We also recommend that each time you send an update to your supporters you ask them to re-share the link of your petition or that they use a special hashtag in order to make noise on social networks and place this topic in the social debate.