Privacy policy

What information do we collect?

The information we collect about you helps us to improve our platform so we can give you a better experience, through new additions or modifications to the system, also so we can keep in touch with you to notify you about updates to our service as well as to our conditions of use and privacy policies.

When you sign a petition on, you create an account on our platform. Thus, if you use our platform, we may collect the following information about you:

  • Name and last name
  • ZIP code
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Profile picture
  • Your activity on the platform (what petitions have you signed, initiated or shared)

We also collect certain information that does not reveal your identity as such, but also helps us to improve your user experience:

  • Information about your browser and your computer (such as your devices fingerprint, IP address, screen size, operating system, etc.)
  • Demographic information
  • Geographic information

How do we collect it?

  • Third-party analysis services: We use third-party analytics services such as Google Analytics by Google Inc. ('Google'). These analytics services use cookies and similar technologies to analyze how people use our services and compile statistical reports.

Who can see my information?

a. Members of the community

  • Your name, geographical location and a link to your public profile at may appear on petitions initiated by you. Such information will be visible to anyone who visits that page, whether they are registered users or not, or the online search engines.
  • When you sign a petition, your first name, last name and zip code are shared with the initiator of the petition so that he or she can demonstrate to the authorities or decision makers that the petition is being supported by more people.

b. Advertisers and third parties

We can use online advertising companies to show you ads about certain goods and services while browsing our platform. These companies have their own rules and privacy policies, therefore we recommend that our users read such policies so they can better decide how their personal information is managed and used.

  • We are currently working with the Google AdSense online advertising system to monetize this site so we can keep it free for users. If you want to see the rules of Google AdSense, you can do it by entering to their website.
  • We also work with the Google Analytics tool to analyze certain information about our users and how they interact with our web platform.
  • If the legal authorities were to ask us for information about the activity of a user on our site, we are likely to be obliged to give them the information requested in compliance with current law.

Can I delete my information?

If you would like to review what personal information we have of you, you can go to your 'Account settings' area at From there you can update or delete the information we have about you.

If you wish you can close your account on our platform, although in these cases we will continue to keep certain residual information about your past activity on the site. For example, the petitions you have created will not be deleted if you decide to close your account and we will keep the signatures that other users have made on it.

Data security

As any technological start up we consider the security of our data a matter of vital importance, therefore we take all necessary measures to ensure that your data do not fall into the wrong hands or it gets disclosed without your consent. Anyway, we must be honest and admit that no system is 100% safe when it comes to online data storage.

How to get in touch with Proponas?

If you have any further questions, we recommend contacting our team so we can help you out and clarify any doubt. To do this, we invite you to complete our contact form to send us your concern. Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible to assist you.

At Proponas we consider ourselves betas, we improve constantly, therefore, we invite you to send us any type of suggestion you may have about our platform or our policies.