For a petition to be strong, its collected signatures must be real, so the reliability of these is of paramount importance to us and that is why we strive to keep the platform free of fake signatories.

Fortunately, almost all of our users carry out a correct use of the site. This is more than 99%, but as with traditional petitions that collect signatures on paper, some people may try to alter the result of the collection of signatures from our platform by trying to sign the same petition multiple times.

In order to avoid fraudulent signatures, our platform has advanced automatic and manual security methods. Here are some of them:

  • If a user uses a non-existent email to sign a petition on, that signature will be automatically deleted. Why? When signing a petition, the user receives an email to his mailbox automatically. But if the user has used a non-existent email, the sending of such mail will be bounced by the server and then the system will know that it is a false signature and therefore proceed to erase it from the platform in less than 24 hours.
  • What happens if a user uses an existing email but does not own it to sign a petition? As already mentioned, when signing a petition, the user receives an email to his mailbox automatically. These emails always have a section indicating that if the person who has received such a message has not actually signed the petition, they may enter to a special link assigned to them to contact us and thus be able to clarify the situation or just revoke their signature.
  • If more than X number of signatures are sent from the same device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to the same petition, in a certain period of time, will activate its security systems towards the device used and its users. Other sites similar to ours do not allow the realization of many signatures from the same IP address in a certain period of time in order to avoid false signatures. The reality is that IP blocking is a thing of the past, since a person can calmly sign a petition either from his office or home, be sharing his IP with many other users that can also be seen Interested in signing the same petition. That said, signatures coming from the same IP address may also be subject to revision if deemed necessary.
  • Once a petition has been signed, it is impossible for the same user to re-sign it. A single email can only sign one time each petition. If a user presses once or multiple times the frame that indicates that they have already signed the petition, this will not be counted as a new signature.

Our team works continuously, ensuring the fidelity of the signatures, so that your petition really shows the number of people who support it. If you ever find something that does not work correctly, do not hesitate to contact us.