Behavior policies

The following are the behaviors and contents that will not be allowed in our platform and that in case of being detected we will proceed to eliminate them or to restrict the use of the platform towards the user who has generated said content. To avoid doubts, by 'content' we mean the text, images, videos, usernames, comments or any other content that has been uploaded by the users in the platform.

  • No to hatred and no to violence - You are free to express your thoughts, but you must remember that your liberties and rights end where the ones from other people begin, so we will not allow your words incite hatred against a person or a group of people.
  • No to identity theft - Our goal is to help real people achieve positive change in the world. When using you must do it under your real name and we do not allow the use of multiple accounts by the same user.
  • No to unnecessary explicit content - You should not use vocabulary, images or videos, sexually explicit or violent.
  • No to spam - Our platform aims to promote real causes and public interest.
  • Not to the illegal - By using our platform you must not violate any national law or the rights of third parties, therefore, your statements must be supported with real information and we will not allow petitions or content that is merely defamatory.

When building an open platform for anyone, it is likely that you will ever find a petition with content that you find in total disagreement, but at we are fervent advocates of freedom of expression on the Internet, so we will not prohibit any content that does not violate our Terms of Use and our Behavior Politicies. Before you contact us to review this content, we invite you to start a counter-petition against the one you did not like so that you can show the community and the people what your vision is. This will allow to nourish the platform of different thoughts and ideas, which will be enriching for all of us without a doubt.


If you have any further questions, we recommend contacting our team so we can help you out and clarify any doubt. To do this, we invite you to complete our contact form to send us your concern. Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible to assist you.