Declare the success of your petition!

If you have arrived here it means you have traveled a long way and that your campaign has achieved the success you dreamed of, so now it's time to thank all those who helped you achieve it and tell them how you did it and what is next.

When should I declare the success of my campaign?

You can only declare success when you have achieved a real change that reflects the goals that you had proposed or when you reach an agreement with the recipient of your petition. Sometimes, the changes may differ to some extent with what you initially intended, the important thing is that you have achieved the main objective of your proposal. If so, do not hesitate, share your success!

How do I declare success on

1. You must be logged in your account and go to the petition that you created, once there you must click on the option “Declare success”.

2. Once there you will see a brief form where you can tell us what you achieved and how you got it.

3. Share the success of your petition with the world!
Thank the decision maker who transformed your idea into reality
Be grateful, express gratitude towards the person that took that decision that helped to achieve your goal. Contact them through your preferred medium (email, telephone, etc.) and let them know how happy you feel or about the lives they have helped change.

Notify the media:
Share what happened to those journalists who covered your campaign throughout the process, they will be happy to know that you have achieved success and will surely take an extra step to let everyone know about this fact by publishing or covering it through their media network.