Let the media know about your petition!

If your petition appears in the media you can get the support of more people and increase the pressure on the decision makers, since they do not want to be criticized in the media and lose citizen support.

What do you need before talking to a journalist?

Take your time to well prepare the information that you will give them so you can avoid any confusion about your history or objective.

First of all you could start by contacting the local media, they always cover any novelty of their own cities, from there you can start making real noise.

Always point out why your petition on Proponas.org is so important for you and the community, do not forget to let them know if you have the support of a distinguished personality or if your campaign was already signed by what you consider a high number of people.

You should also have photos, videos, evidence, reports or witnesses of what you say, remember that journalists usually corroborate everything before publishing the news.

How to find a journalist who is interested in my petition?

Not all journalists may be interested in the topic of your campaign, therefore it is necessary to assess who you will contact. To begin with, we recommend you go to local journalists in your city, they will surely show interest in your petition. These will help you to light up the first flame to in order to make your petition go viral. After that, you should look up for national journalists who specialize in issues related to yours.

To get in touch with them, you can contact them through Facebook, Twitter or directly through their emails, which is usually added to each note of their authorship, so it will be easy for you to find it.

Journalists are often contacted by many people every day, so they may sometimes skip or ignore your contact and not because of a lack of interest, but because of the overload they have. In case you do not get an answer to your contact after 48 hours, you can try sending them another email or a twitt to get their attention, but without drastically invading them. If a journalist does not show interest in your campaign, simply look for another one and keep moving forward.

They interviewed me. Now what?

If you managed to be interviewed and publicize your campaign through a the mass media, this can be your great leap to get your cause an increasing visibility and thus get decision makers to stop ignoring you or your petition.

Never forget to thank the journalist who interviewed you, an email, a twit, an SMS, anything goes. In turn, keep in touch those who have interviewed you with each new update or relevant novelty that may arise in respect to your campaign.

Send an update

Inform your supporters of the good news and the coverage they are achieving, so they can share the link of the news on their social networks and get the support of more people.